Car shoppers in Doylestown seeking a plug-in hybrid sedan in the luxury class should ask Thompson BMW about the BMW 7 Series. This high-end car is available with a plug-in hybrid powertrain that delivers class-leading output and efficiency for various driving tasks.

The 3.0 L engine block under the hood of the 7 Series model has a twin-scroll layout for optimal combustion. When installed in the 745e edition, this V6 engine pumps out 280 horsepower. More than 110 additional horsepower is generated by a classic electric motor. The Valvetronic technology regulates the sequential movement of the valvetrain in this efficient sedan.

The Driving Dynamics Control technology has been specifically updated for the 745e model. As suggested by the title, the HYBRID Mode uses a combination of premium unleaded fuel and electrical power. The ELECTRIC Mode fully disengages the turbo engine, and extracts energy only from the motor or the lithium-ion battery.



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