Thompson BMW is a proud dealer of Dinan Parts in Doylestown.

After all, Dinan is dedicated to designing and producing the most innovative BMW products on the market.

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Dinan's world-renowned DINANTRONICS and Performance Engine Software provide the most cost-effective means of turbocharging your engine
and achieving additional horsepower and torque. The modern BMW is dominated by electronic controls, and in order to extract maximum power out
of the vehicle, it is essential to be able to control sensor inputs and calibrations from electronics signals. Power is also increased by
altering fuel mixtures, ignition timing and increased turbo boost pressure.

Made with stainless steel, Dinan's Exhausts are are dyno-tuned to provide maximum horsepower and torque while maintaining a
resonance that is both sporty and elegant. These exhaust systems improve exhaust flow by reducing back pressure, and they are able
to extract power and sound without producing that low-RPM-drone found in almost all aftermarket exhaust systems.

The purpose of Dinan's Cold Air Intakes is to gather cooler air from outside the engine compartment and push it through a sealed system
to the engine at larger volumes than the stock setup provides, prompting your engine to truly come to life. Not only do these system increase the size
of the air filter, intake air openings, and/or air mass meters, but the revised intake plumbing also allows the engine to breathe and produce maximum power. 

Dinan's Suspension Systems offer the grip that BMW enthusiasts demand while maintaining a smooth, comfortable ride and giving your vehicle the
aggressive lowered stance you desire. By effortlessly combining form and function, and by changing out the shocks, springs, anti-roll bars, etc.,
these systems improve cornering ability and keep your tires in contact with the road surface in spite of constantly changing driving conditions.
The objective of Dinan's Intercoolers is simple: to reduce the temperature of air that has been compressed by a turbocharger. Dinan's intercoolers
increase the overall volume of the air that can be cooled, while also raising the density of air. This greatly improves the engine's ability
to produce maximum power, which thereby ensures your drive is as exhilarating as possible as you take your BMW through Perkasie, Warrington, Warminster, and beyond. 

Experience the Dinan Difference and Thompson Difference together.

As the leader of the BMW aftermarket industry with 35 years of experience working with BMW models, Dinan ensures that if there is a certain, unique upgrade you're after, they can provide it. At Dinan, they understand and share your passion for your BMW just as we do, and this is reflected in all of the Dinan parts at our Doylestown parts center.

If you're ready to see what Dinan has to offer, let Thompson BMW help.

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