Thompson BMW Lease Return Center

The Leasing Agreement Return Process

You can begin this process by researching what BMW you would like to upgrade to next and scheduling a test drive for that luxury vehicle. After you have taken a look at the car you are interested in, speak with the BMW finance team about a lease exchange. Ideally, you will be thinking about your options within 90 days of the end of your lease. No matter what you choose to do next, returning your lease at Thompson BMW is simple and convenient. We can help you through the entire process. 

We recognize that you may have questions about what to expect at the end of your lease. Maybe your warranty is almost up, or you are over your allotted miles. Whatever the case may be, Thompson BMW can help you start exploring your end-of-lease choices. In the months leading up to this time, we will periodically remind you of your options. It is our responsibility to ensure that you understand your end-of-lease term agreements and are comfortable with the different BMW makes and models that are available to you after lease termination.  

Turn in Your BMW Lease Here

So you have leased and enjoyed your Thompson BMW, but now you are ready for something different. If you would like to terminate your lease early, the staffers at our BMW dealership in Doylestown, PA, can work with you in the months leading up to your lease-end. Our BMW Lease Return Center can facilitate the lease return process, even if you did not lease with us in the first place! Our team of experts is determined to make your end-of-lease transition go as smoothly as possible.

Know Your Options

It is that time! Your BMW lease is about to expire. We hope you enjoyed leasing your BMW vehicle, and we look forward to seeing what model you choose to drive off in next. If you are wondering where you go from here and what your end-of-lease options are, we can help you decide on your next step with these three typical lease-end opportunities: 

Drive off in a new BMW car or SUV
Keep your current BMW car or SUV

Return your BMW car or SUV

Why Choose Thompson and our BMW Early Lease Returns?

At Thompson BMW, our staffers are here for you to ensure you continue to receive excellent service as you approach the end of your lease. Whether you are ready to drive off in a brand new BMW or are unsure about what to do next, we will assist you so you have the best experience possible. Conveniently located in Bucks County, PA, our mission is to help you find the BMW vehicle of your dreams. You can begin this process online by shopping for new and certified pre-owned inventory. When you are ready, our team is here to help you find the perfect car or SUV for you and your family. Schedule a test drive today and drive off in the BMW vehicle of your dreams! 

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