Frequently Asked Questions


When you purchase a new vehicle from Thompson BMW, you are protected against manufacturer malfunctions. This warranty period starts on the sale date of your new vehicle, and lasts for 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

Your warranty can cover as much extra coverage as you find necessary. At Thompson BMW, we strive to offer our customers warranties that best serve their needs. Our warranties are totally customizable and can cover almost every part of your vehicle. 


You can extend coverage of your vehicle for prolonged peace of mind and vehicle safety. Just like a regular warranty, these options are customizable.

Contact us or speak to one of our client advisors about getting a BMW maintenance upgrade on your new or pre-owned BMW


CPO stands for Certified Pre-Owned. Any BMW that is traded in that has less than 60,000 miles is tested against our 164 point inspection by one of our BMW-certified technicians. 

Every Certified Pre-owned BMW comes with a protection plan for additional peace of mind. This protection plan covers you for 5 Years / Unlimited Miles including BMW Roadside Assistance. For more information, contact our team or check out our certified pre-owned inventory


While both are great options, a CPO vehicle undergoes and passes a rigorous 164 point inspection while a pre-owned vehicle does not. CPO vehicles are generally newer with a lower mileage, but the main determining factor is the CPO vehicle is provided a 5 year/Unlimited Miles protection plan


Unless you are planning to pay for your next BMW in full with cash, you should consider what kind of interest rate you’ll be charged by loan providers. When you purchase a car on credit, your lender technically owns your vehicle until you’ve fully paid off. You can think of your interest rate as a fee you pay the lender for borrowing their money to buy your vehicle. Your interest rate is dependent on a few different factors:

Principal Amount: This is the total amount you wish to borrow with your auto loan.

Loan Term: The loan term is the set amount of time you’ll have to repay your loan. Short-term loans have higher monthly payment amounts with less interest paid in the end, while long-term loans have smaller monthly payment amounts with higher interest paid in the end.

Repayment Schedule: Most auto loan payments are made on a monthly basis, but you could save money in the long-run if you’re able to make payments more frequently. Thanks to compounding, you pay less interest when you make more payments.

Repayment Amount: A portion of every payment you make goes to interest and another portion goes to repaying your total principal amount. Our team is here to help you get the best deal on your BMW, so contact us if you need help choosing the best financial plan.


Buying a car for the first time can be overwhelming if you aren't prepared. Don't worry! Thompson BMW is here to help and we're happy to answer all your questions. For starters, analyze your budget and assess what you can afford. This will help you determine if you should opt for a new or pre-owned vehicle from our exceptional selection. Get a head start by shopping at home using our express store.

After you chose your vehicle through the express store or the help from one of our client advisors, it's time to talk about your financing options. If you haven't already considered your financing options, you can apply for financing on our website. We offer a wide range of lease or financing options to fit the financial means of our customers.


Either option is an excellent choice but the deciding factor boils down to what fits best with your lifestyle. 

The benefits of leasing are pretty simple. Customers always have access to the latest models, you're better protected from depreciation, your monthly payments will likely be less than a loan, and you'll always have warranty coverage. 

Ending your lease early is easy. If you're interested in a different vehicle, looking to buy, or just looking to end, our team can help navigate that process with you. Otherwise, when your lease naturally ends, those same options are still available. Customers can start a new lease, or they have an option to buy out their current lease, thus owning the car.

On the other hand, the benefits of buying a vehicle is the ownership. You can keep your vehicle as long as you like, drive as many miles as possible, and your vehicle can be completely customized by our Detail Center. When you are satisfied with your ownership, you can always sell your car back to us.


At Thompson BMW, we provide a wide variety of new and pre-owned vehicles, but sometimes, we can not provide the exact vehicle you're looking for. We can always order the vehicle, or even do a dealer trade if it's available elsewhere. This process might take a day or sometimes longer depending on availability. Building your own BMW with Thompson is easy. We help you design the exterior, interior, and any additional features you'd be interested in.


There are many advantages in choosing either a gas or electric vehicle. Much like leasing vs buying, the ideal vehicle is determined based on your lifestyle. 

Electric vehicles or EVs are the ideal choice if you drive primarily in the city. The loss of energy from idling is significantly less than idling in a gas vehicle. For a gas vehicle, starting from 0-35mph consistently requires a lot more energy than maintaining a 70 mph speed limit.

However, if you drive primarily on highways with minimal stops, your vehicle's energy is used more efficiently with a gas vehicle.  Unlike gas-powered vehicles, whose highway efficiency almost always exceeds the city figure, almost all EVs have higher city range ratings than highway. 


One of the latest technologies BMW has released is the BMW xDrive. It's an all-wheel drive system that goes beyond the competition and previous BMW models. 

BMW xDrive allows all enabled BMW models to provide the best possible traction, no matter what the driving conditions are. It enhances agility and helps you stay on track even when you are driving fast or going around tight curves. This permanent all-wheel drive system is offered by BMW in all 2020 BMW models and beyond!

So how does xDrive work? Under normal circumstances, BMW xDrive will distribute power between the front and rear axles respectively. When the driving conditions or road surface changes, this ratio will change to ensure proper balance and control while driving. This change is virtually unnoticeable, happening so quickly and smoothly that you won't feel a thing.


Conveniently situated just off Route 611 on Route 313 in Doylestown, our expert team at Thompson BMW will help you lease or purchase your new BMW sedan, convertible, SAV or SUV. Our loyal customers from Chalfont, Newtown and Stockton, NJ would all agree that you will be glad you trusted us to help you drive home in your new BMW.