Overview of the BMW 3 Series

Offering drivers the option of a sedan or wagon style body, the BMW 3 Series is a popular small luxury vehicle. Driving performance paired with luxury touches make it an excellent choice for either highway or city driving.

Decades of experience stand behind the engineering of the 3 Series engine, which offers drivers 320 horsepower for instant acceleration when it's needed. The sedan style is iconic, with luxury touches honed to provide the driver with instant access to systems at their fingertips. The wagon style allows for carrying extra cargo while still providing excellent driving 

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Meet the BMW 4 Series

The BMW 4 Series coupe remains popular with young and old for a variety of reasons. The exterior styling is classic, sporty and elegant at the same time. The sculpted body design is reminiscent of popular muscle cars of the past. Yet, the lines and accents are not so overly exaggerated as to take away from the vehicle's luxurious appeal. But make no mistake, the 4 Series performs. The twin-powered turbocharged engines provide an impressive 320 horsepower that enables the coupe to go from zero to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds.

The interior of the BMW is crafted…

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BMW Certified Pre-Owned: Beautiful and Affordable

BMWs are luxury vehicles known for their beauty and for providing a premium driving experience. They are called the Ultimate Driving Machines® for a reason. And thanks to the BMW Certified Pre-Owned program, they are also completely affordable.

Before a BMW can be certified into the program, it must be completely examined, renovated, and accepted by an inspection team of pre-owned managers, service managers, and technicians trained by BMW.

Each BMW accepted into the program must have gone through a thorough performance test where trained technicians certify it met each and every...

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Safe and Smart Driving Tips on a Rainy Day

Inclement weather can significantly increase your risk of getting into an accident on the road. When it rains, there is a noticeable loss of traction between the tires of a vehicle and a wet pavement. You're supposed to reduce the speed of your vehicle and apply extra firm braking pressure in such a situation. The stopping distance on a wet surface is much longer compared to the stopping distance on a dry surface. It's a good idea to leave extra space between your car and another automobile that's slowly cruising ahead. Some of the latest models have…

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What kind of electrical support does the BMW X3 offer to avoid an accident?

Recent technological advances have enhanced several safety aspects in modern vehicles like the BMW X3 trim. Electrical support of the driver has reduced accident regularity over the past few years. BMW is one of those manufacturers that utilize technology to enhance safety across its vehicle line.

The BMW X3 includes accident prevention software and sensors that provide information to the vehicle’s central computer. That information is supplied to such programs as Electronic Stability Control to keep your vehicle from sliding...


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Find your dream certidied pre-owned BMW model today

Have you always wanted to drive a BMW model but your budget hasn't quite allowed for it? There's a great alternative to buying new - and it's checking out all of our certified pre-owned BMW models here at Thompson BMW.

Our selection of new BMW models is always impressive, but we know you'll be equally impressed by the quality of our certified pre-ow

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Take the smart route and schedule a summer service appointment for your car today

Embarking on summertime adventures is always an exciting time, but no one ever wants to run into car trouble. That's why scheduling a service appointment with us here at Thompson BMW isn't a bad idea. Our team of expert technicians are prepared to make sure that your vehicle is operating in prime condition for the upcoming summer months, especially if you plan to travel extensively.

Our service center is located right at our dealership for your convenience. We'll happily help you out with any and all of

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Headlight Maintenance and Replacement

Having two functional headlights is necessary in order to drive safely at night. However, from time to time, problems may arise. The headlight lens may become cloudy after years of faithful service. If not cleaned, the headlights do not shine as brightly as they should. A headlight bulb may burn out, which requires replacement. The light's housing may crack or otherwise become damaged, which necessitates replacing the entire unit. If any of these problems arise, you can trust our technicians at Thompson BMW garage to make the necessary repairs or adjustments...


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What parts make up an auto exhaust system?

Auto exhaust systems have come a long way since the invention of the automobile. Early exhaust systems moved exhaust from the engine to the back of the vehicle; today the exhaust system has more duties than the mere movement of fumes. With the increased performance demands placed on the exhaust system, more parts were added.

There are five parts to the modern exhaust system. The exhaust manifold starts the process of exhaust ventilation by collecting the gases emitted by each combustion cylinder. Inside the exhaust manifold sits the oxygen sensor that sends information to the car’s...

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The Synthetic Oil Change

Many drivers have not tried synthetic oil in their vehicles. Perhaps they have heard the rumor that if you switch to synthetic oil, then you cannot go back. This rumor is not true, and using synthetic oil is a choice you can make and then reverse. You can go back to natural oil at any time.

Doylestown-area drivers know the importance of motor oil for the life of their engines. Synthetic oil offers longer oil life and improved protection. Drivers should also know that they can try a synthetic oil and then change to regular oil. All synthetic oil and…

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