Pre-Owned Vehicle Reconditioning Process at Thompson BMW

What is Vehicle Reconditioning?

When shopping for a pre-owned vehicle, you can run into some really questionable options. Without knowing how the previous owner treated that vehicle or its previous maintenance history, how can you be sure your new investment is worth it? That's where Thompson BMW’s trusted vehicle reconditioning process can ease your worry.

Why is Reconditioning Important?

Reconditioning addresses any pre-existing issue that the vehicle may have had at the time of the trade-in, and brings the vehicle as close to new as we can get it. The reconditioning process brings more value to a pre-owned vehicle and offers a sense of confidence for the next owner. The team at Thompson BMW goes above and beyond, making our reconditioning process second to none.

What is the Vehicle Reconditioning Process?

At Thompson BMW, when we receive a pre-owned vehicle, we send it through our trusted reconditioning process so we can put a vehicle back on our lot that we are proud of, and that a new customer would be proud to drive. Our reconditioning is a little different than most places.

  1. Initial Inspection

    The process starts with our Pre-Owned Sales Manager doing a brief walkaround of the vehicle, making any notes of visible damage or blemishes that need to be addressed. They check the tread depth on the tires and for any scuffs on the wheels that will need to be filed away. Anything they notice will be relayed to our Service and Detail teams.

  2. Service Center Repairs

    Once the vehicle makes its way to our BMW Service Center, one of our BMW Certified technicians will do a much more extensive inspection of the vehicle. They will make any necessary repairs and replace any parts or fluids that don’t meet our standards. If the tires are below spec or have any edge wear, we replace them along with the brakes. We perform a full state inspection and make sure that the next owner will be hassle-free for the foreseeable future. After the vehicle meets our standards mechanically, it's off to Thompson Detail Center for a cosmetic makeover!

  3. Thompson Detail Center

    Thompson Detail Center is more than just a detail center. Our team offers bumper repair, paint correction, leather refinishing, and even window tinting for any make and model. Reconditioned vehicles are no exception. When our team performs their reconditioning process, we bring the vehicle back to its “like new” glow, both inside and out.