What is the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant?

With the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, you can talk to your BMW in a natural way. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant adapts and learns the more you use it. It gets to know you and can help out with any situation. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can explain everything about your vehicle from your driving habits, your fuel economy, oil life, even when you're due for your next service.

You can utilize the "Hey BMW" command to access things like climate control, lights, media, windows, and navigation. You can also personalize your activation word from "Hey BMW" to something that feels more natural to you. Other commands your BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant responds to include:

• How long until we arrive? • Where is the nearest gas station?

• Find public parking •I need coffee •Start seat ventilation

• I'm feeling tired •What is my battery status? • Call home

• I want more bass • What will the weather be like today?

As you can see, you don't have to exclusively ask questions. Statements like "I'm feeling tired" will activate the system to adjust settings to help you feel more alert while you drive, so you arrive at your destination safely. There are hundreds of different activation questions and statements your BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will respond to, discovering them is half the fun!

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