From its amazing agility to its road-gripping traction, the BMW 4 Series is hard to beat. This vehicle will deliver pure athleticism that's unmatched by others that are in its class. BMW uses 2.0-and 3.0-liter engines to meet its performance goals. These advanced engines just so happen to be turbocharged. The vehicle's top speed is listed at an estimated 157 mph.

The BMW 4 Series is equipped with Dynamic Stability Control and Dynamic Traction Control. Well-toned muscle is available when you need it, and this muscle fits the vehicle's frame perfectly. The 4 Series has a classic coupe silhouette. Strong lines are visible as well as striking contours. Auto consumers can select from numerous paints, including Portimao blue, mineral white, jet black and green metallic. Ambient lighting is also available in the cabin.


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