When your car pulls to the side while driving, don’t dismiss anything. The steering wheel, wheels, and even the brake pedal may be the cause. The brake pedal might not be the first auto part that raises concerns, but it could be the culprit. And you don’t want to continue driving with a problematic brake pedal.

Does the brake pedal offer weak resistance? A “soft” brake pedal likely has something wrong with it and deserves an inspection. Grinding and squealing noises usually lead drivers to get a brake inspection. Don’t ignore issues with a weak brake pedal, either.

If the brake pedal vibrates, that’s another red flag worth investigating. The brake pedal shouldn’t display any signs of apparent problems. When it does, there may be additional problems with the brake system present.

Why drive around with clear safety risks present? Get the pedal and brakes checked at Thompson BMW right away.


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