We guarantee the quality of our Pre-Owned Vehicles.

Feel confident when you purchase a used car from Thompson.
With our exclusive 6 month/Unlimited miles warranty, you'll have 
peace of mind knowing that you've selected a quality vehicle. 
It's that simple. IT'S COVERED.

This warranty is effective from the date of delivery for a period of 6 months. Parts, labor and towing associated with covered repairs are all included with this exclusive Thompson plan. 

There is NO DEDUCTIBLE  for any covered repair.

Covered By This Warranty

Engine: All internally lubricated parts and: cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, cylinder head valves, engine block, timing chains, chain gears and tensioners, broken timing belts, timing cover, flywheel, flexplate, crank pulley, oil pump, exhaust manifold, intake manifold, engine mounts and oil pan.

Manual Transmission-Transfer Case Components: All internally lubricated parts and: transmission mounts, clutch master cylinder, clutch release cylinders, clutch disc and pressure plate, throwout bearing, pilot bearing, transmission cooler, cooler lines, seals and gaskets.

Automatic Transmission-Transfer Case Components: All internally lubricated parts and: torque converter, solenoids, transmission mounts, transmission cooler, transmission line, seals and gaskets.

Axle Assembly Components (Front, Rear, 4-Wheel and All Wheel Drive): All internally lubricated parts and: propeller shaft, universal joints, constant velocity joints, boots, axles and center support bearing.

Suspension Components (Front and Rear): struts, shock absorbers, upper ball joints, lower ball joints, coil springs and leaf springs.

Steering Components: steering rack, power steering, pump and hoses, idler arm, pitman arm, steering column shaft, steering column coupling, tie rod and relay rod.

ABS Components: actuator, modulators, pumps, solenoids and wheel speed sensors.

Brake Components: master cylinder, brake booster, disc brake calipers, wheel cylinders, pads, shoes, linings, rotors, drums, hoses, proportioning valve and brake hydraulic tubing.

Fuel System: fuel pump, fuel injectors, fuel sensors, fuel injection computer, fuel tank, fuel lines, hoses and throttle body.

Cooling System: radiator, water pump, heater core, fan clutch, thermostat, hoses and belts.

Air Conditioning: expansion valve, compressor, condenser, evaporator, receiver dryer, hoses, lines and refrigerant.

Electrical: starter, alternator, seatbelt computer, sunroof computer, automatic transmission computer, E.F.I. computer, battery, bulbs, sealed beams, relays, switches, motors, modules, gauges and sending units.

Exhaust: muffler, catalytic converter, all pipes, hangers and gaskets.

Miscellaneous: wipers, control cables, water leaks, glass, factory audio/video/navigation equipment and antennas.

Additional Coverages

Towing - Available 24/7: If a covered part fails and your vehicle is disabled, Thompson will pay for towing. Prior authorization must be obtained.

Complimentary Loaner Vehicles: As needed, Thompson will provide a loaner vehicle at no charge to you.

Return Policy: Hassle-free 48 hour money back return policy.

Routine maintenance as is required per the manufacturer of the vehicle.
Wear and tear: any repairs or damage that may arise out of operation of the vehicle subsequent to its purchase.

CALL US at 1-800-THOMPSON or stop by at any of the Thompson family of dealerships. 

Thompson assumes 100% of the cost (parts and labor) of all of the covered repairs. Thompson may, at its sole discretion, elect to accept return of the vehicle and provide you with a refund. We reserve the right to install parts other than the original manufacturer parts. All repairs covered by the agreement must be performed at a Thompson facility, or in the event of a distant breakdown, must be authorized by Thompson.

This complete plan is subject to cancellation in the event of the following: abuse, improper maintenance, misuse, acts of God, accident, competitive contests, modifications, off-road or illegal use, negligence in operation, failure to comply with "Your Responsibilities" as defined above, or an altered speedometer.

The warranty plan is limited to the express terms contained in this agreement and is in lieu of all other guarantees, warranties, obligations or liabilities, expressed or implied, including, but not by way of limitation, any warranty of merchant-ability or fitness of the vehicle for any particular purpose. Thompson assumes no other liability whatsoever, whether direct or indirect or consequential damages, or in any other way.

We believe you will be fully satisfied by the service you receive from Thompson. However, because our aim is your complete and lasting satisfaction as a lifetime customer, Thompson adds another feature to your warranty's protection. In the unlikely event that you feel our response to a warranty service request is not satisfactory, Thompson offers you an opportunity to resolve your complaint through an informal dispute-handling organization.

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