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We're excited to announce the arrival of the first-ever BMW i4, a new, electric sedan crafted with you in mind.

Crafted harmoniously, this vehicle won't have you compromising for style, comfort, or performance. It's been precisely designed to run fully electric, while still delivering the powerful acceleration BMW drivers love. 

With an estimated range of up to 300 miles, the BMW i4 allows drivers to confidently plan road trips of any magnitude. The i4 boasts 500 maximum horsepower and can launch from 0-60 miles per hour in a mere 4 seconds, giving it a competitive edge.

The i4's exterior design is elegantly displayed with a sporty elongated body that satisfies those looking for a more sophisticated style. The interior of the vehicle is nothing short of luxurious, offering the comfort expected from BMW designers. The spacious four-door design allows this electric luxury vehicle to provide plenty of space for the driver and passengers.

Ready to discover the i4's pure electric power? What are you waiting for? Order now!

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Reserve the All-Electric BMW iX SAV

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The 2022 BMW iX brings a whole new player to the compact SAV game. Experience BMW's first-ever fully electric Sports Activity Vehicle. While the exterior of the vehicle is modern with a minimalist style, its interiors make a huge impact with unsurpassed design and revolutionary technology. Everything about this game-changing vehicle is intentionally bold and designedly resolute. 

With a battery range of 300 miles and 113 kWh capacity, drivers can blast from zero-to-60-miles per hour in less than 5.0 seconds. Additionally, the two electric motors offer 500 horsepower and effortlessly unite power with efficiency. 

The iX does not slack on technology either. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant improves with every interaction, responding to natural dialogue, gauging reactions based on context, and can even identify individuals in different areas of the vehicle. This model also features the latest iDrive 8.0 Operating System, Apple CarPlay™, or Android Auto™

If you want to experience this trailblazing vehicle for yourself, Order now!

BMW i4 & BMW iX Order FAQs

What is the BMW i4 & iX order?

You can secure the ability to purchase a new BMW i4 or iX model by submitting a $1,500 deposit through the shopBMWUSA.com order links.
You will receive a confirmation number upon completion of your $1,500 deposit for delivery at Thompson BMW.

How do I place an order?

You can place a order through the ShopBMWUSA.com in 3 easy steps:

1. Click the order button

2. i4: Choose your i4 model variant (i4 eDrive40 or i4 M50) and place it in your shopping cart

iX: Place the iX order in the shopping cart

3. Select your preferred method of payment and check out.

Is the order fee refundable?
Yes, the order fee of $1,500 is fully refundable. If you wish to cancel a order, you need to contact Thompson BMW and provide a order Confirmation Number provided in the Confirmation email

When will I receive my BMW i4 or iX?

Deliveries of the BMW i4 and iX models start in March 2022. Delivery times may vary depending on when your order was placed.

How do I know if my order was processed?
You will receive a confirmation email and number. If you do not see an email, then contact Thompson BMW.

Which incentives does the BMW i4 & iX model qualify for?

While the BMW i4 and iX model may be eligible for tax credit, credits may be complex and are subject to change without notice.
We recommend consulting a tax professional to validate credit availability and eligibility.

Where can I find my order Confirmation Number?

Upon ordering the BMW i4 or iX model, you will receive an email with your Confirmation Number. If you did not receive an email, please contact us.

How many vehicles can one customer order?
i4 and iX orders are limited to: Max. 2x orders per home address. Max. 1x order per credit card.

Who can order a vehicle through the Order Program?
The order program is available only to customers residing in the United States who are 18 years of age or older.

Where can I pick up my BMW i4 or iX model?
Conveniently situated just off Route 611 on Route 313 in Doylestown, our expert team at Thompson BMW will help you deliver your new BMW iX or i4 model.
Our loyal customers from Chalfont, Newtown and Stockton, NJ would all agree that you will be glad you trusted us to help you drive home in your new BMW.