For decades, BMW did not enter into the SUV market. Then, seeing a niche that looked attractive to their style of vehicles, BMW designers came up with a new concept in cars that bridged the gap between the SUV and the sport/luxury cars for which BMW became so popular.

The BMW X5 M is a Sports Activity Vehicle that operates like an SUV but has the aggressiveness, power, and dexterity found in sports vehicles. With a powerful engine and advanced driving technology, the BMW X5 M is an Executive luxury vehicle with large cargo carrying capability and enough power in its 4.4-Liter Twin-Turbocharged V8 engine to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in four seconds. Along with the power comes a remarkable Active Roll Stabilization system that makes cornering in Doylestown a breeze,

At Thompson BMW, we honestly believe that the BMW X5 M as the ideal family car.



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