How to Safely Replace a Flat Tire

Flat tires are renowned for their danger and inconvenience. If you experience one, follow these tips.

First, if the flat tire occurs during a drive, safely stop the car in a breakdown lane or parking area. Avoid soft ground. Next, engage your hazards and the emergency brake. Use a heavy rock to chock a tire opposite of the one you must replace. Now, grab your jack, tools and spare tire. Before you lift your car, use your lug wrench and the ground's leverage to loosen the wheel's lug nuts. With the jack, raise the car. Unscrew the nuts, and replace the flat tire with its spare. Tighten the nuts by hand, and lower the car. Finally, apply the wrench to the nuts.

After you safely return to the road, visit our service department at Thompson BMW in Doylestown, PA. Our professional team will check your spare tire, fix your flat and answer any question about your car.

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