Safe and Smart Driving Tips on a Rainy Day

Inclement weather can significantly increase your risk of getting into an accident on the road. When it rains, there is a noticeable loss of traction between the tires of a vehicle and a wet pavement. You're supposed to reduce the speed of your vehicle and apply extra firm braking pressure in such a situation. The stopping distance on a wet surface is much longer compared to the stopping distance on a dry surface. It's a good idea to leave extra space between your car and another automobile that's slowly cruising ahead. Some of the latest models have sophisticated radar sensors that automatically adjust the following distance in real time. However, you shouldn't completely rely on active safety features when the road becomes slippery.

Come to Thompson BMW in Doylestown to have your car's tires, brakes, steering and other important parts inspected for proper operation on a rainy day.



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