Overview of the BMW 3 Series

Offering drivers the option of a sedan or wagon style body, the BMW 3 Series is a popular small luxury vehicle. Driving performance paired with luxury touches make it an excellent choice for either highway or city driving.

Decades of experience stand behind the engineering of the 3 Series engine, which offers drivers 320 horsepower for instant acceleration when it's needed. The sedan style is iconic, with luxury touches honed to provide the driver with instant access to systems at their fingertips. The wagon style allows for carrying extra cargo while still providing excellent driving performance. Leather interiors, ambient lighting, syncing with a smartphone and a large inset screen in the dashboard give drivers the luxury interior features they desire.

We invite you to stop by Thompson BMW, where you can take a BMW 3 out on the road for a test drive and talk with our friendly BMW specialists about its many features.




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